Máy Nén Khí Pit-tông
Máy Nén Khí Pit-tông

Máy Nén Khí Pit-tông

NU AIR is an international group which today represents the largest manufacturer of piston compressors in the world due to its consolidated experience and the leadership of a family which has dedicated itself to compressed air for two generations
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Standard range

1.5 - 3 HP 


The compressors that are part of the TRADITIONAL RANGE are equipped with highly reliable components such as valves made of special stainless steel and tanks in compliance with the most severe international standards and directives.

This range is made up of the following categories:

  • coaxial oilless compressors, with pump made from die-cast aluminium, characterised by being lubrication
    and maintenance free;
  • lubricated coaxial compressors, the pump with cast iron cylinder, carter and head in aluminium,
    the sturdy plastic covers which convey the cooling air efficiently over the hot parts of the machine and the oversized
    electric motors are all strong points in this category;
  • two cylinder, single stage belt-driven compressors, built to ensure reliability and long life thanks to the reduced
    rotation speed of the pump. Suitable for constant hard work, these are ideal work tools for demanding hobbyists,
    professionals and small businesses. 

Two-stage compressors

4 - 20 HP 


The new two-stage two-cylinder belt driven and lubricated compressors are designed and created for heavy duty use. 
The models in this range are enriched with technical solutions which improve usage:  

  • robust plastic shroud for protection against all parts in motion;
  • dual outlet pressure reducers;
  • high efficiency two stage pump;
  • cast iron cylinders for a long life span;
  • visual controls for oil level;
  • solid handles;
  • large wheels and double caster wheels for easy transportation.

Vertical compressors

4 - 5.5 HP 


To complete the Nu Air electric compressor range, the “vertical” series was designed, useful for those who have problems with space. All of the advantages from the previous pages are summed up in these extremely reduced size machines.

  • The same air reserve in half the space.
  • Two stage pump with cast iron cylinder, equipped with large headers for cooling of the tank intake compressed air. 
  • Sturdy plastic belt guard that protects all parts in motion and, thanks to the large slots increases ventilation of the pump.
  • Large intake filter designed to reduce noise and optimise compressor performance.

Special applications

1 - 3 HP 


The compressors in this unique range have been designed and developed to exhaustively answer the requirements of the most demanding users.

The following are the main characteristics of this range:

  • compact size;
  • ergonomic design;
  • practical to use, especially outdoors;
  • easy to transport.

Petrol engine compressors

5.5 - 6.6 HP 


Petrol engine compressors with HONDA APPROVED APPLICATION which complies with the strictest emissions standards.
The combination of a powerful and reliable group with a reserve of air makes this compressor suitable for all pneumatic accessories that require high air consumption.

  • Oversized pressure regulator with dual compressed air output;
  • Outfitting with 270, 200, 100, 10+10 litre tank;
  • The double handle and semi-pneumatic wheels allow transport over any type of terrain;
  • Supplementary roll bar for lifting with hoists or freight lift;
  • Sturdy metal belt-guard to protect all moving parts; 
  • The semi-pneumatic wheels will neither deflate nor puncture; 

Also available with diesel engines, with high performances motors, low power consumption and long service life. 

Silenced compressors

2 - 10 HP 


The new range of silenced NU AIR compressors, designed and built in Italy,  is the result of recent technology and design studies.
Made to solve the problem of noise in the work place, these compressors stand out in the market for having the lowest noise level in the category.
This noise reduction was achieved by enclosing the machine in a sound proof cabinet with special sound absorbing panels, taking care of ventilation and, on some models, using special intake silencers.
The combination of high quality material and maximum care in assembly of the machine ensure excellent performance and long life.

These machines were designed with particular attention to the simplicity of maintenance operations on all internal components.

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