Thiết Bị Xử Lý Nước Ngưng BEKOMAT
Thiết Bị Xử Lý Nước Ngưng BEKOMAT

Thiết Bị Xử Lý Nước Ngưng BEKOMAT

Van xả tự động BEKOMAT hoạt động theo nguyên lý điều khiển theo mực nước ngưng tụ mà không gây tổn thất khí nén.
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Saving resources, increasing efficiency: the BEKOMAT principle

Unnecessary costs and damage during the generation of compressed air can only be avoided in an efficient way with amount-adjusted condensate drainage. Therefore, BEKOMATcondensate drains operate with a capacitive sensor. The intelligent electronics prevent compressed-air losses and minimise the energy demand. As a result, the BEKOMAT often pays itself off within half a year already, in contrast to devices with timed drain valves.

The comprehensive product portfolio offers the optimum device for every compressor type and performance, for every system pressure, and for all operating conditions.

A plus for sustainability: the BEKOMAT in comparison

When a float drain is not tight, high costs are involved as a result of leakages. Timed solenoid valves also cause compressed-air losses. During the opening of the valves, compressed air - which was generated at high cost - escapes into the environment without being used. In contrast to this, the electronic level control of the BEKOMAT guarantees drainage without any loss of compressed air, meaning no energy loss. This not only saves energy and therefore costs but also CO2 emissions